We are so glad to have you as part of our team for the 2020–2021 fencing season. The Booster Club is so excited to have such a nice turnout this year, and we hope that you all have a wonderful season.

For the Fencers

The Booster Club traditionally provides a number of amenities for our fencers, but unfortunately this year we are severely limited by COVID-19 restrictions as to what we can do. However, we are still doing all we can for the teams! This year, the Booster Club is providing a short sleeve t-shirt for use at practices/meets, plus a full color yearbook at the end of the season; and we are hoping to hold a family end-of-the-season event in the spring as well.

Season Events

The Booster Club also traditionally organizes a number of fundraisers and events throughout the season, although this year we are only able to do the following:

  • Fencing spirit wear sale – clothing (such as sweatshirts and sweatpants) are available for purchase at https://stickerdad.com/collections/west-milford-fencing throughout the season.
  • Senior Night – celebrate our fencing seniors with us at one of our last home meets of the season — we are still working on how this will work with the current restrictions.
  • Awards Ceremony – a night of looking back on the hard work and dedication that the fencers, parents, coaches and volunteers put into the season while acknowledging those who earned awards throughout the season. Obviously this will be different than a normal end-of-season awards dinner, details still to come!

Booster Club Fees

The Booster Club fee this season will be $50.00, and is due by Monday, February 1st. The easiest way to pay is online via Venmo or PayPal here on our website. The fee can also be given to Tyler Barker or Joseph Pritchett at fencing practice (checks only), in an envelope with the fencer’s first and last name written on it. Checks should be made out to West Milford High School Fencing Booster Club.

Additional Merchandise

If you are interested in any of this merchandise, please contact Kathy Barker to arrange for purchase!

  • West Milford fencing team socks – each fencer will receive a pair of WMHS fencing socks (worn as part of the uniform at meets) from the school – black socks with the WM logo knitted in. Additional pairs of socks are available from the booster club for $13 – buy an extra pair and save on laundry in between meets!
  • Magnets – West Milford High School Fencing magnets for your car are now available for $8. Show off your fencing pride!
  • West Milford T-shirt sale – we have locally sponsored t-shirts available for only $5!


Our fundraising efforts this year are quite challenging, but we were able to hold our winter holiday basket raffle in December – thank you to everyone who supported the team! We are unable to hold our traditional candy sale or other fundraisers we’ve done in the past such as a clothing drive. New fundraiser ideas are welcome! Just speak with any of the board members or email fencing@wmhsfencing.org.


Everyone is welcome! If you are interested in helping out with the Booster Club, just let us know.

Email Updates

Periodic updates are sent out over email to go over upcoming events and to give reminders about any important information. To receive these updates, you must send an email to fencing@wmhsfencing.org that includes your name and your fencer’s name.

Facebook Group

We have a Facebook group to share information on upcoming events as well as photos and videos of our fencers! Look up West Milford Fencing Team on Facebook or go to www.facebook.com/groups/wmhsfencing.

Online Schedules

To view the most up-to-date schedules, visit www.westmilfordathletics.org and go to Winter > Fencing > Boys’ Varsity or Girls’ Varsity. The boys and girls have mostly the same schedule with a few exceptions. You can also sign up for notifications when there are any changes to the schedule by going to “Get Alerts” in the menu and creating an account.

Board Members of the Booster Club

President: Kathy Barker
Vice President: Stephanie Szolusha
Treasurer: Melissa Pritchett
Secretary: Tracy Andersen

Contact Information

Email: fencing@wmhsfencing.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/wmhsfencing
Website: www.wmhsfencing.org